Stylish Baby Furniture for Your Home

One of my biggest worries about parenting was that having a baby would turn my house into a rainbow of color-blocked madness. Now I understand that some toys should be colorful to stimulate babies’ brain development, but I also firmly believe that being a mom doesn’t mean that I should sacrifice everything I love in life, like a warmly decorated, modern living space.

When seeking out baby products, whether it’s a play gym or high chair, style is equally important to be as safety and function. That’s why the Baby Jogger City Home Collection has been the best addition to our arsenal of products for TKB, especially as we navigated months 3-6.

Baby Jogger City Home Collection

You may have heard about Baby Jogger’s strollers, but earlier this year they expanded into the home space by launching a three piece collection of baby products for the modern home. Aside from being stylish enough for even the pickiest home decorator, all the Baby Jogger City Home products are lightweight and designed for compact storage, so you can easily carry them to another room (while holding your baby in the other arm as I’ve done many times), fold and move them out of the way (when it’s date night and you don’t want to see baby things), or carry them with you in their included carry bags when you travel (right now, just to grandma’s house). Here are my favorite aspects of each of the three items in the collection – the City Sway, City Suite, and City Bistro.

Baby Jogger City Sway 2 in 1 Rocker and Bouncer

Baby Jogger City Sway | Ijeoma Kola

I was video chatting with one of my friends recently, and she commented about how independent TKB is. We had him sit in loungers from when he was quite young, but he started to get bored around the 3 month mark. With the option to quickly switch from a rocker to a bouncer and the ability to vibrate, the City Sway kept him safely entertained. The removable toy bar has really cute animals (which match his nursery!) – though I do wish that they dangled a bit lower so that he could reach them since he loves practicing his grabbing.

Baby Jogger City Suite Multilevel Playard

I’m pretty sure that I’ve lamented about my biggest regret while moving – that I didn’t buy a crib in advance and ship on the container with all our furniture. One of the most important aspect of a baby’s day is sleep, and it had been really bothering me that our little guy was outgrowing his bassinet at 3 months, and our crib was still en route. One of my friends who is also crib-less and currently living in Africa with a small baby suggested that I look into transitioning TKB into a playpen for sleep until our crib arrived. So smart! Even smarter is that the City Suite playard has a two in one system – bassinet for babies under 18 months and a regular playard for toddlers up to three feet tall – with no extra pieces. The bassinet simply zips up and away! TKB slept in the bassinet mode until around 4.5 months, when he started to get a bit long and we decided to move him to his nursery. Since then he’s been sleeping in the playard with no complaints! Once he starts crawling around, I know the playard will be extremely helpful in keeping him to one section of the house while I do something else.

Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair

Now that we’re approaching the 6 month mark, we’ve started giving TKB some tastes of single food purees. So far he loves bananas, squash, avocado, and papaya! He has really good head control and had started to look at us inquisitively when we were eating, so our doctor gave us the go ahead. He’s only been using the City Bistro compact folding high chair for about a week and a half, but since it has the same harness system as the City Sway, he doesn’t protest when we sit him in it to eat his breakfast and lunch. My favorite feature on this high chair is that the tray snaps right into the back of the chair – so I’m not placing a dirty tray on the floor or on the dining table while wrangling the kid out of the seat once he’s over eating. I want to personally high five the product designers because they really thought of everything! The chair also has adjustable height levels, so you can use it at the dining table or at your kitchen bar counter – wherever you have your meals. Like the rest of the collection, the City Bistro folds up to just a few inches wide, small enough to store underneath your dining table or between your kitchen counter and your fridge.

If you are searching for large items for your baby that are easy to use, easy to put away, and are not an eyesore, then look no further than the Baby Jogger City Home collection. We’ve been using all of the products almost every day since we received them, and can confidently say that they are a great investment!

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  1. You have a way of making this motherhood journey look so effortless. I am in awe of how gorgeous your home looks. I just binged-read (is that even correct) about 6 blog posts and each of them has me stunned!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! And its definitely not easy but I’m trying my best to have fun along the way and not let being a mom take over my entire life/existence!

  2. This is totally unrelated to baby furniture but I had to get your attention! When I first saw the #BlackinIvory, I quickly raced down the article to see who the originator was. I was so sure it would be you because you’ve been saying it for AGES! Wypipo, talking about Blacks being good for diversity and whatnot. Wanting to explain away their embarrassingly white faculty and student body. Honestly, all I know about racism in American academia I learnt from you. BTW, I’m a Kenyan who’s never been outside my country’s borders that’s why I look up to you, as someone who has lived that reality, in efforts of educating myself.

    1. Haha you’re right, though I’m sure I didn’t invent it – the recent discussion around racism in academia has been interesting though, and I hope it continues!