Summer Protective Styling Brunch: A Lazy Recap



On Saturday, I hosted A Summer Protective Styling Brunch and it was by far one of the most stressful fun events I’ve ever put on, and I’ve done my fair share of event planning! First off, I want to give a HUGE thank you to all the sponsors who made the gift bags super heavy and the raffle and giveaway prizes a big hit! I also want to shout out Christina of and Antoinette, CEO of Haute Kinky Hair, for holding it down on the panel and educating us on the hottest and latest protective styles for naturals, and how to best maintain our protective styles and our hair underneath them.

This post was supposed to be a recap, but I’m still too tired to conjure up the event details. People ate (some more than others… I’m specifically referring to the person who had 4 pieces of french toast to leave me with one. Just ONE!), attempted to fill out a crossword puzzle that I thought would be fun but turned out to be kinda hard (although one team got 28 right out of 30… so shame on the team that only did 7), oohed and aahed at the trickery that is Haute Kinky Hair, learned about the best practices to make sure your protective style actually protects rather than damages your hair, and then were sad when one attendee won at least 3 of the 10+ raffles… but she was about that life and bought 20 raffle tickets doe! I’m hoping/praying/needing some of the beautiful attendees to write a proper recap post, and I will come back and update this one to share them with you!

For candid photos from the event, see the hashtag #spsbrunch! Our event photographer, Toia of LuvToBNatural is going to be hooking us up with the official photos soon, so stay tuned! Despite some of the hiccups that I couldn’t control, I really do hope that everyone who attended had an awesome time!


Outfit Details: Hair – Haute Kinks blow dried & set on flexirods with Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk | Crop Top & Pencil Skirt – Custom made from ankara fabric bought in Nigeria, designed by me/inspired by Pinterest | Necklace – No clue, likely H&M. | Shoes – Heart Soul Paulette from DSW

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  1. Looked a successful event, your attire were bright and vibrant lobe the African print and the shoes.

  2. I truly love your outfit that you designed and the fabric print is gorgeous. I will have to send you some money to get me some fabric the next time you go back home. I know that you just left. I have been loving African print clothing lately.