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How to Take a Great Selfie

Is your selfie game strong? Whether you’re taking them to send to your friends or you’re trying to build a social media following, here are some quick tips on how to take a great selfie.

Clean Off Your Camera Lens

Before even lifting your arm to take your picture, clean off your phone camera lens with a piece of cotton or microfiber. It’s best to use a special cloth, but I usually just quickly wipe it on the cleanest material I can find (usually the bottom of Jonathan’s shirt lol). You’d be surprised how dirty those lenses get, especially if you wear makeup!

Face the Sun (Or a Light Source)

Your selfies will instantly get better if you properly orient your body in relation to light. Unless you’re going for some artsy look, you’ll want to have the sun or a light source directly in front of you. If you are outdoors, turn around in a circle until you find the clearest lighting orientation. If indoors, step in front of a bright window. At night, borrow the light from another friend’s phone (or three), or get a mini clip on ring light.

Check Your Background

Hunty, we don’t want to see your unwashed dishes or dirty draws in the background of your selfies! While the attention will be on your lovely facial features, take a quick look and see what else is showing in the background of your selfie. Choose settings with minimally distracting backgrounds so your selfie doesn’t lose any shine.

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Eye Level or Higher

I’m still trying to explain this to my dad, but there is no good thing that comes from a selfie taken with your hand held below your face. Raise your phone to be parallel to your eyes, or better yet your forehead. You look less creepy and your eyes open up!

Tilt Your Head

For a more interesting shot, tilt your head no more than 15 degrees to one side (or from 12 o clock to 1 or 11 o clock). Then, lift your chin just a notch, which slenders your face by unhiding your neck. Try moving your head from side to side for different angles until you find your best one.

Do Something With Your Other Hand

This is optional, but to switch up your selfies, involve the non-camera holding hand in the shot. Try using it to lift your chin, play with a strand of hair, show off your fresh manicure, or draw attention to your jewelry.

Take 10 Photos

The very worst thing is when you take a selfie at a cool place, go to look at it later, and realize your eyes were closed. Take several shots, slightly changing up your smile, your angle, your hand placement, etc. Once you’re all done, select 1-3 images to keep and delete the rest so your phone storage doesn’t fill up with photos you’ll never use. Also so you don’t look like a self-obsessed maniac when you’re showing your crush a cool picture on your phone and then accidentally hit the view all photos button.

How to Take a Great Selfie | Klassy Kinks

Edit Minimally

I prefer light edits to my selfies (and all images) because I’m deathly afraid of someone coming up to me in real life on a not on fleek day and saying “omg is that you? You look so… different in real life.” True story. If I’m posting on Instagram. I use the Facetune app to erase any large, unsightly pimples (patch tool), smooth my under eye and laugh lines (smooth tool), and/or brighten my eyes (details tool). I run most of my photos through VSCO as well to apply the same filter for a cohesive feed. I’ll have to do another post about how I edit photos, but in the meantime, here’s an oldie but goodie on taking better photos for Instagram!

Do you have any selfie taking tips?

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  1. Great tips, the first tip is one I haven’t even consider doing. You are right for makeup wearer and the reapplying lotion throughout the day. I will keep this tips in the database.