Best Tech Gift Guide for the Entire Family

I’m sure you know by now that if you’re trying to do holiday shopping this year, you better get started ASAP! To make your job easier, I’ve put together the best tech gift guide for the entire family. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your husband, siblings, or your parents or grandparents who live far away, I’ve got selects for the whole family and across a variety of price points all from Best Buy, your one-stop shop for the best tech gifts. The Best Buy Gift Center does all the work for you — it’s a one stop shop with easy to navigate recommendations for everyone on your list. If you prefer to shop in store, Best Buy’s team of Blue Shirts will be on hand to help you with recommendations as well! Ok, enough pretense: let’s get into my picks!

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Best Tech Gift for Your Husband

Every single year I get asked for recommendations for gifts for guys, as they are notoriously difficult to shop for. But I’ve finally cracked the code — super sleek noise-canceling earbuds like these Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a man pleaser! Take it from Jonathan who was super geeked when he got a sneak peek of these, and he’s BOTH a music head and a techie so I trust his thoughts on headphones! He actually tested them out on a flight recently and said they were truly noise canceling and he was able to sleep like a baby! Let’s hope he doesn’t use them to drown me out when I’m trying to give him more handyman tasks to complete around the house 😂

Best Tech Gift for Your Parents/Grandparents

I’m thrilled that I’ve actually been able to spend some time with my parents lately, but it never feels like enough. One way to break the distance is by gifting your parents or grandparents a smart picture frame like the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame. You probably already have a shared family photo album so Grandma and Grandpa can keep up with all the kids’ developments, and now they can view the photos instantaneously on an actual photo frame!

Best Tech Gift for Siblings

If your relationship with your siblings is anything like mine, y’all still debate about who had to do more chores growing up to this day. Solve all chore dilemmas by gifting your sibs an iRobot Roomba j7 — then you can say that you still are doing their vacuuming for them! Robot vacuums are especially great for people with small kids and pets that tend to leave homes messy and Best Buy has a wide range of robot vacuums to choose from.

Best Tech Gift for Your Little Cousin

Idk about y’all but I’m always gonna be the cool aunty. One of the easiest gifts for literally anyone, but especially your little cousins, is a Google Nest Mini 2. It’s super affordable and allows anyone to listen to music and podcasts, but also ask questions to help them with their homework or figure out what to wear to prom. It’s also tiny enough to serve as a great stocking stuffer and a foolproof gift for anyone and everyone!

Best Tech Gift for the One Who Always Hosts

We all have that family member who always volunteers to host family get together. Maybe it’s your mom or an uncle or even you! For the host & hostess with the mostest, a Cricut Maker 3 is the perfect gift to amp up their decor & DIY game. In my family, my mom is the one who cooks the best but I’m the one who loves to put together tablescapes and all that jazz, and I’m looking forward to using the Cricut in a few weeks to make place settings and small decor for our Thanksgiving dinner! And then make labels for our spice jars and customized gift tags for everyone I’m gifting this year… my list of how I’m going to use the Cricut goes on and on!

While these are only a handful of tech gift ideas, Best Buy literally has thousands of tech gifts for everyone on your holiday gifting list this year. Head to your closest Best Buy or visit to get your shopping done!

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  1. Great options! I know that I am really late to respond but I kept the email to comment when I actually had time to read and check out everything. From traveling, visiting family and getting sick this is really the time I had to check this out. I started to get the Bose earbuds but I went with the Jabra 75 elite. My husband is so simple he wouldn’t know what to do with these tech gadgets. Wonderful choices though 👏🏾 👌🏾!