Introducing the New & Improved!

When I first created my blog 7 years ago, I spent weeks teaching myself how to make what I now think of as simple adjustments like changing the appearance of hyperlinks. I’ve always prided myself in taking a scrappy, DIY approach to my site, but after creating content for ten years, it was time to get a website custom-designed that would meet all of my needs in the way that my previous blog themes didn’t. 

I feel like ever since I changed my blog from Klassy Kinks to Ijeoma Kola, it’s become more and more clear that having this space serve as a blog alone wouldn’t work. When people hear my name, I don’t want them to just think of my lifestyle content, but also my public health research and my businesses. So I needed a website design that reflected all those different, yet interrelated, aspects of my life and personal brand. 

The first step was some new branding! I wanted a way to depict my name that was both professional and casual, and I love the dual font logo design that the team at House of E Studio came up with. It’s hilarious to think that when I first launched this site my color scheme was purple and green ? — this muted color palette with shades of brown is much more in line with my color tastes now. 

As for the site itself, there are so many cool features coded by the team at ChloeDigital — some are already live and some you’ll be seeing in upcoming blog posts! For example, you can scroll through featured images now, so at the top of this post, you can go down memory lane and see a few former iterations of my site!

My two favorite updates are the About and Research pages! The design team did an amazing job of taking a few general ideas I had and turned them into really stellar features that echo the exceptionality I aim to bring to everything I do!

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you know that I’ve done some hard work reconciling my multiple identities as a content creator, a researcher, and an entrepreneur. This site was the final piece of the puzzle. By having all my work in one place, under one umbrella, I feel like I’ve finally reached the culmination of what I’ve been working towards throughout my twenties (today is the last day!) — cementing my identity. I’ll be sharing more soon about my dreams and visions for the next ten years, but thank you so much for joining me along this journey, whether it’s your first time here, or you’ve been rocking with me for the past ten years!

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  1. Awwww Dr! This is tasty ..hahaha.. so beautiful and fresh. The colors are calming. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Because of you, I will be launching my blog on 1st October 2020! … This is your ministry. Serve us Dr. I am ready!!!!

  2. This is lovely! ? You’ve always been one of my faves!! Love you Ijeoma! Happy birthday in advance ? and Congratulations on the 100k followers on IG?

  3. You have been an inspiration for quite some time now since 2017, when I started my own blog. I am also torn between several things I want to do with my blog and this here is a lot of inspiration.
    Congrats and Happy Birthdaay Ijeoma.
    Also the new look is fabulous, I love the muted color tones as well.

  4. Love, love, love the new look! And I also love the fact that you housed all of the different parts of your contribution in one place. I don’t see many examples of it, so I love to see you doing it here!

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