The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style |

The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style

I’ve been a member of team four eyes since the fifth grade, but I’ll admit, it wasn’t until after I graduated college that I actually began to enjoy – and prefer – wearing glasses. I hated glasses for 2 reasons: 1. my eyebrows were two different shapes and glasses drew ALL the attention to them, and 2. my glasses always ended up crooked. I have no idea how, but it was simply not cute.

Since embracing my natural hair, I have rocked a few pairs of glasses that I really enjoy. However, there are some hairstyles that I do that don’t work so well with those frames, which has me begrudgingly wearing my contacts. I’ve rounded up a few different ways to choose glasses for natural hair styles – so you can have maximum cuteness and seeing ability!

Colored Curls

The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style |

If you have a bold hair color like me, and you tend to rock twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs, and rod sets, choose two-toned frames in neutral colors to match your hair. My go-to pair are tortoise and clear, which is a much softer color combination than a full frame of dark glasses.


The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style |

If you have shorter natural hair, play around with the shape and color of your glasses to draw more attention to your beautiful face! Cat-eye is perfect for almost all face shapes, and bold colors and prints like red, blue, tortoise, and clear will definitely have people asking you about your new haircut as well as your frames.

Work to Weekend Updo

The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style |

If you’re wearing a classy updo that can transition from work to wedding guest, pick a pair of sleek frames that won’t take attention away from your slick edges. Can’t you just see these frames landing a boardroom pitch? Or pairing well with an evening gown for a wedding?

Braids, Crochet Braids, and Other Protective Styles

The Perfect Glasses for Any Natural Hair Style |

Since braids, twists, crochet braids, or wigs tend to add more bulk to your face, choose a pair of thicker lenses that won’t get dwarfed by the extra hair on your head! You can even choose styles you wouldn’t normally wear to go with your temporary new look, like very round or squarish frames.

If You Need More Help Choosing Glasses for Natural Hair

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All the glasses featured in this post can be found on!

What kind of glasses do you like to wear? Do you change your glasses based on your hairstyle?

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  1. Girl you have got me looking into glasses. I supposed to be team four eyes but I’m too picky about frames to the point that I gave up. This article has me motivated though!

    1. I’ve never had bangs, but I can imagine they can be tricky. I think if your bangs are straight across you’d want a round or cat-eye eyeglass shape to balance it out… I feel like a square or rectangle would be too jarring.

  2. I have never thought about wearing glasses to fit my hairstyle. I may have a pair of prescription glasses and a pair of shade which I need to wear more. I guess buying progressive lens is kinda costly for two to three pairs of glasses. The idea sounds nice and fashionable.