The Perfect Outfit Formula for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving creeped right up on us and now you have exactly one week to put together an outfit that is modest enough for your parents, comfortable enough for second helpings, and simultaneously impresses your shady aunt. It’s a tall feat, but I’m here to give you the perfect outfit formula for Thanksgiving.

Start With Corduroy Overalls

If you want a trendy look that is also comfortable, try wearing corduroy overalls like these ones by Adriano Goldschmied. If you’re not on the cord bandwagon yet, you’re missing out because modern day corduroy isn’t scratchy or noisy like the ones of the nineties (anyone else remember walking down school hallways with the swish swish of your noisy cords? Ha!). Also, corduroy is a warmer fabric than denim, so you won’t be shivering in your brother’s house where they refuse to turn on the heat (looking at you Obi). And since these overalls have side buttons, you can always discreetly unbutton one or two as your belly expands during dinner (ps I’m wearing a Medium).

A couple of stores sell these particular corduroy overalls by Adriano Goldschmied, but I got them from because I needed them quickly and Zappos has amazing shipping policies and customer service. I think one of my neighbors is now hip to the fact that I’m a blogger so a few of my packages have been going missing lately (arg!), and Zappos overnighted me my overalls when the first pair didn’t make it to my doorstep! And I was on the phone for max four minutes – definitely top notch customer service!

Skip the Heels & Bring a Scarf

A lot of Thanksgiving outfit suggestions will tell you to wear heeled booties or tall over the knee boots. Although these Adriano Goldschmied overalls look cute cuffed with a bootie, you should totally skip the heels and wear a printed flat or loafer to Thanksgiving dinner. After all, don’t you leave your shoes at the door anyway? Wear a shoe you can easily slide in and out of so you can get first dibs at the dinner table.

The last key component to this Thanksgiving outfit formula is a silk scarf. Tie it around your neck, in your hair, or on your handbag. Heck, just keep it in your pocket if you must. This is crucial because once your post-turkey, pre-seconds itis nap kicks in, you’ll need something cute to tie your hair up before you crash on the couch for the best sleep of your life. Trust me, I’ve made the mistake before of not coming prepared and woke up with a completely different smushed hairstyle than the one I showed up in.

Ijeoma Kola wears ag jeans gwendolyn overalls, and other stories knit turtleneck, zara leopard silk scarf, madewell leopard loafers

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Ijeoma Kola wears ag jeans gwendolyn overalls, and other stories knit turtleneck, zara leopard silk scarf, madewell leopard loafers

Do you already have your Thanksgiving outfit planned?

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  1. Really cute outfit for Thanksgiving! Since I’m in Georgia in a warmer state Old Winter plays tricks on us given us just a little of warmth. If it’s cold, this would be perfect but it’s definitely an outfit for Winter.

    1. Don’t make me jealous that it’s already freezing here (and supposed to snow!) You could switch out the turtleneck for a tee shirt and this outfit would work for a moderately cool fall outfit too!