Travel Style: black Away Bigger Carry On + ONYXBOX

The Safe Journey Box

Travel Style: black Away Bigger Carry On + ONYXBOX
Travel Style: black Away Bigger Carry On + ONYXBOX

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should, it’s fun over there!) you’ve probably heard me talk about my name. It means a lot to me now, but for a very long time I was embarrassed by the name Ijeoma. Teachers always stumbled over it, classmates always asked if I had a nickname (which I gladly provided, Ije – pronounced EJ), and its been butchered so much I’m now desensitized to all pronunciations.

But shortly after college, I got into a HUGE fight with my parents about traveling to Kenya to see Jonathan. They thought it was extremely unsafe (part of the Nairobi airport had just burned down) and inappropriate for me to make the visit. I decided to go anyway – one of the few times I’ve disobeyed my parents (sorry y’all, but it was worth it!) – and part of the reason I decided to make the trip is because I knew I would be protected because of my name.

In the Igbo language of southeastern Nigeria, Ijeoma literally means “good going” – ije is to go and oma is good. It’s often used as a statement of well wishes when someone is traveling – it’s common to hear ijeoma at airports or before people leave for a long drive. It’s the Igbo equivalent to “go well”, “travel safely”, or “safe journey”.

Ever since I reclaimed my full name – even getting a tattoo that says Safe Journey – SO many opportunities to travel have opened up. From traveling for school to work and for leisure – I’ve literally been on the go every few months since August 2014. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Aside from exposing me to new cultures and sights, travel allows me to learn new things about myself. Curacao taught me I was strong enough to be alone. Soweto taught me I was bold enough to take risks. In Milan, I made a life changing decision. All these trips, and more, have shaped who I am and who I am becoming.

When We Are ONYX reached out to me to create a special box of products to go alongside their monthly subscription box, I knew that I wanted to curate a box that meant something to me. The Safe Journey ONYXBOX is full of women-created products that fit my on-the-go lifestyle, so I can spend less time on my beauty routine and more time making memories. In it you’ll find the eyebrow product that keeps my brows well defined but not overwhelming, a face mask that’s perfect for detoxing your skin after a long flight, a multipurpose makeup product that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, and a woody vanilla fragrance perfect for slow walks around a new city. Even if you’re not traveling, the products I’ve chosen can help you journey through your every day!

We Are Onyx box with Ijeoma Kola

To get the Safe Journey ONYXBOX, just sign up for a ONYXBOX subscription and use the code SAFEJOURNEY. You’ll get the ONYXBOX of the month ($75 value), plus my own box ($70 value) – meaning you’ll get $145 worth of full sized beauty products for $25. You can cancel at any time, but I think you’ll enjoy the ONYXBOX! Of course I’m partial to the products in the Safe Journey ONYXBOX, but the March ONYXBOX had a few dope things in it too!

The Safe Journey ONYXBOX is only available as a buy one get one option until April 9th, so if you’d like to get on the journey with me, head over to We Are ONYX’s website – and don’t forget to use the code SAFEJOURNEY!

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  1. Oh how I understand you! I am a traveler myself, well I went to learn a new language and am still far from home 🙂 After I stopped in different countries like Russia, Japan, Ireland and most of the US-Westcoast I am now in Germany, Berlin. Which is, for a fashion girl like me, the most amazing place I’ve been so far! It’s really fun and this city explodes with cultures from all over the world! Anyway…as soon as I’m done with my telc exams I’m going on 🙂 I can’t be on one spot to long and I’ve been here for 3 months now, which is good, because now I speak enough German to talk to Germans, but which is way over my normal time schedule 😀 So maybe at some point on this beautiful planet will meet 🙂 I would love that 😀

    Have a beautiful day Ijeoma 🙂

  2. What an awesome opportunity for you, Ijeoma continue to do what you are doing, I like your top. It look like it may come from Shopbop.