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The Top Natural Hair Colors for Summer 2015

Guest post by Tanisha Caple of Hair La Vie!

Summer is finally here and colors are blooming bright all around us. This is the perfect time to join in on the movement and add a spark of pigment to that gorgeous mane. A bit of color can make a huge difference, allowing your kinks and curls to become more noticeably defined.

Last year, many naturals were dipping into the retro phase of blues, pinks, purples, greens and even gray. Colored tips and ombre was favored, along with the the summer’s most requested, sun-kissed blonde highlights.

This year, many naturals are taking a different approach with color. It seems more women are leaning toward the more neutral tones of reds and browns to make their natural texture pop.  Below is a list of the hottest natural hair colors for summer 2015.

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Looks like orange is indeed the new black! Since Rihanna recently added orange to the list of the many hair colors she has dominated, people have been joining in on this new hair dye movement. Come to find out, the orange tint looks amazing on natural hair! A great color to go BIG and BOLD with this summer.

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If you’re not yet quite willing to jump on the bright orange train, deep reds and burgundy-browns are other inspirational colors to try this season. These colors are safe choices, if you want to make a large statement but not large enough to fall into the “unnatural” area of hair color. The earthy tones are bound to bring every kink and curl, or style to life! If you are going for a sassy, chic look then I would dip my head into one of these hot hues.

Dark Hair with Subtle Highlights
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It seems like all the pastel hair chalks and manic panic colors may have been a little overwhelming last year. A lot of naturals are sticking with the natural hair color route. Adding dark brown highlights to already black hair or dying the hair black is the perfect way to make your texture stand out while preventing your hair from becoming too dry or damaged. Going darker gives the illusion of your hair being shiny and healthier, as it’s easy to blend the dry strands. Don’t worry about seeming too boring. Dark hair always finds new ways to reinvent itself and it seems to be looked at as the edgy, sexy go-to color this summer!

Three-Toned Hair Color

If you’re REALLY bold and looking to have the coolest hair color in your city, try out a tri-color hair dye combination like blog editor, Ijeoma by incorporating black, red, and copper all at once!

Remember to take precaution when dying your hair. Incorporating color can be very harsh on natural hair as it can not only change your texture, but strip your hair from the much needed moisture to remain healthy. You should consult with a color specialist before any monumental changes.

Also, read Top Five Deep Conditioners for Colored Treated Natural Hair when looking for products to consider. It’s specifically for those of us naturals who love to play with different looks and switch up our hair color every so often. Hey, as long as it’s done safely and properly, there’s nothing wrong with a little change!

What summer hair color trends for natural hair have you noticed?

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  1. Love everybody bright beautiful colors. Color does change your look and my next color is a purple bur it will be weave. I love color because the basic black is kinda of plain to me but I still like it.