10 Things to Do in Dubai Airport During a Layover

If you’re looking at flights and see a fare with a layover in Dubai, book it! There are so many things to do in the Dubai Airport and it’s one of the nicest, cleanest airports I’ve ever been in. Whether you have a 1 hour or 12 hour layover, here are ten things to do in Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport!

Enjoy the Emirates Business Lounge

I am working with Emirates to highlight their safe and family-friendly flights between Nairobi and New York, and part of that experience has been getting to fly Emirates Business Class. While the flight experience itself has been nothing short of amazing (which I’ve been chronicling on Instagram), the Emirates Business Lounge at the Dubai International Airport is definitely one of the best perks! I’ll have a separate video about my entire business class review, including a full tour of the business lounge, but if you’re flying Emirates Business class, you HAVE to pass by the Emirates Business Lounge at the Dubai Airport.

Shop Duty Free

Now a lot of big airports have a duty free shopping section where you can great deals on perfumes, liquors, souvenirs, and designer goods. But one of the benefits of the Dubai airport is that the duty free is open for 24 hours, so even if you have a late layover, you can still get your shopping on! For reference, the duty free at JFK Airport in New York closes at midnight, so 24 hours is a major convenience!

Stay at the Dubai International Hotel

Speaking of late layovers, if you have a long layover and don’t want to leave the airport for lodging, you can stay right in the Dubai International Hotel that is located within the airport! Prices range around $200/night, which isn’t bad considering the hotel has a pool, gym, steam room, and jacuzzi. Plus you’re saving yourself the headache of having to clear customs to leave the airport!

Get a Mani or Massage

If you’re feeling a little tight after a long plane ride, hit up one of the many XpresSpa locations in the Dubai Airport for a quick massage. They also do manicures, pedicures, and waxing in case you didn’t have time to get all your beauty treatments in before your trip! Bonus perk of the Emirates Business Lounge: they also have a spa within the lounge for massages!

Get a Taste of Paris

If you know me well, you know that I can never turn down a pain au chocolat. I LOVE chocolate croissants, so what better place to have one than the Nutella Cafe in the Dubai Airport?! I was tempted to also get a crepe but was already pretty full from our meal at the lounge, but I did go full out with the Nutella by getting some nutella hot chocolate. Tres magnifique!

Go Souvenir Shopping

I already talked about the duty free shopping options, but there are also plenty of places at the Dubai Airport to pick up souvenirs and trinkets for yourself or for your loved ones for an affordable price. A miniature golden replica of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, would make a perfect gift for the aunt who is always asking you for something after your travels.

Get Your Frappe or McFlurry Fix

The Dubai Airport has tons of places to eat, but if you’re looking for familiar comfort food — or to try some American classics — grab a drink or breakfast sandwich at a Starbucks or a Big Mac and McFlurry at a McDonalds. There’s also a KFC, Panda Express, Hard Rock Cafe and a number of other American fast food chains in the Dubai airport, so eat up!

Stock Up On the Latest Trends

Whether you forgot to pack underwear or want to buy a new pair of jeans, you can stop by the H&M in Terminal 3 of the Dubai Airport to stock up on trendy pieces and basics all at an affordable price! There is also a massive Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, making the Dubai Airport feel more like a mall than an airport.

Take the Kids (Or the Adults with a Sweet Tooth) to Candylicious Playland

If you’re with kids and want to treat them for being so well behaved on the plane, take them to Candylicious to get their fill of bright colorful play and candy galore! It’s also a great stop for adults who have a sweet tooth, like Jonathan!

Rest in a Green Space

Now I know that everybody can’t rest in the Emirates Business lounge during a layover. The Dubai Airport has plenty of places designed specifically for people to stretch out and recharge (your body and your devices) before your next flight, all for free. Combined with free wifi, the Dubai Airport layover experience is a pleasant one for all travelers.

Check out the video below to see a walkthrough of Terminal 3 and see some things to do in Dubai Airport!

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