Three Months After Finding A Bald Spot on My Natural Hair |

Three Months After Finding A Bald Spot on My Natural Hair

Last October, I colored my hair and was feeling myself, but soon realized that it was damaged and began to break to the point where I had a bald spot! I opened up about my natural hair bald spot on YouTube and Instagram, and I got a lot of encouragement, as well as a whole lot of hypotheses about what could be the cause. One theory was that I had a thyroid disorder, another one suggested I had alopecia, and yet another said that using a hair steamer immediately after coloring my hair caused the damage. It was definitely scary to receive all those different diagnoses, but ultimately I decided to let my hair be for a few months and see if there was any progress – if not, I would seek medical attention.

Natural Hair Bald Spot |

Here’s the video of my natural hair bald spot if you missed it.

After 3 months of letting my hair chill – despite pretending like I was going to rub castor oil on it every day – I’m happy to say that I can’t even find the bald spot anymore!

All that huffing and puffing (and tears, to tell the truth and shame the devil) was a waste of time and energy for no reason. I over-manipulated my hair by coloring, blow drying, and wand curling (without a heat protectant) it in a week’s span, and it began to break where it was most vulnerable, the lightest area at the crown. I definitely dodged a bullet by having my bald spot caused by physical tension rather than an internal imbalance, and all it took to bring it back to health was low-maintenance styling, a protein treatment, and crochet braids.

Even though it wasn’t fun finding a bald spot, at least it lit a fire under my behind to take better care of my hair! I’ll continue monitoring my hair and pampering it with styles that don’t cause tension, minimal heat (though I just got a lot of direct heat put on it… but I promise I’ll be good for the next few months), updos, and more protein treatments.

Have you bounced back from a natural hair setback?

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  1. I just noticed a bald spot in the top of my head. I’m now using black Jamaican castor oil on it. Thank you for the video.

  2. Ijeoma, I had a couple of bald spots on my head after colouring my hair. I am happy to say that Jamaican Black Castor oil, Caivil fusion oil and Amla oil really helped my hair grow back. My hair looks great now and it is growing. No more bald spots!

    1. I just found a bald spot in my hair. I’m now using Jamaica Black castor oil and I will continue to monitor it. Thanks for the video.

  3. Just spent an hour or so on your website,its so beautiful and its obvious you make a big effort.Keep up the impressive work.
    BTW your hair in this post is too on point❤

    1. I thought I gave some tips in the article but in case you missed the,, find out what the cause of your spot was, do low maintenance styles, and keep your scalp stimulated by massaging with oils