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Thursday Tea | The Cutest Moses Basket

I’ve decided to introduce a weekly life update/Q&A/recommendation blog post to the schedule, partly inspired by two bloggers that I really admire – Mary Orton and Kathleen Barnes. In the six (what?!) years since I’ve had this blog, it’s evolved in many different ways but I’ve noticed that what people really want is a more intimate peek into the regular going ons of my life; even more so now since I’ve finished my PhD, am now working for myself, moved to another country, and am expecting a baby. I’ve decided to call it Thursday Tea because I’ve been consuming inordinate amounts of chai (Swahili word for tea) since I got to Kenya, and nothing is juicier than some piping hot tea! So every Thursday I’ll be sharing a little weekly life update alongside some recommendations, advice, and things I’m currently loving!

1. Moses Basket for Baby Kola

Baby Kola has a place to sleep! We are ​​​​​​​finally ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​starting to get settled into our new place and don’t have a ton of baby items yet, but I saw this moses basket at the Baby Banda fair a few weeks ago and completely fell in love. It’s by the Kenyan company Toto Care Box, which not only sells these adorable baskets, but also donates boxes with newborn essentials for expecting moms in lower income areas. One of the things I really enjoy about living in Nairobi is that a lot of local businesses are also social enterprises which give back to the community – it makes me feel better about spending money! If you’re not in Kenya, here are a few other bassinets and moses baskets that are super cute!

2. A New Face Mask

Although my skin has been largely flourishing this pregnancy, I did have a few breakouts over the past few weeks. I’m not sure if they were due to all the travels I did in September, or if I just got super lazy with my nighttime routine, but I have my maternity photos coming up and had to get my skin together quickly! I’d ordered this charcoal mask during the Sephora sale at the end of the summer and have been using it twice a week over the past two weeks – and no more breakouts!

3. My Maternity Photoshoot

Speaking of my maternity shoot, I’m taking the pictures tomorrow and I’m so excited! Pregnancy and the move have made me a bit more private about our personal life, so I’m only going to share some on social, and the rest will be for our family only. I can’t wait to create a beautiful framed gallery wall in the nursery area (still working on the final design) to display the pictures! I was tempted to share my moodboard for the shoot, but instead here are a few maternity pics that I’ve had saved but didn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​’t quite make the cut for my maternity shoot concept.

4. Pantene Gold Series

I’ve been in the natural hair game for almost a decade now, so I don’t get as excited about new products as most people, so I’ll admit when the Gold Series line came out and others were talking about it, I kind of yawned and didn’t think anything of it. But then Pantene sent the collection for me to try early in the summer and GIRL! Video speaks louder than words, but if this clip of the Gold Series mask gliding through my hair isn’t enough proof for you, then idk what to tell you.

5. Aquanatal Classes

Though I’ve been doing prenatal yoga weekly since moving to Nairobi, I’ve been wanting to do something more aerobic since I keep hearing that you’ll need energy & endurance during labor. I found an aquanatal class through the same folks who sold me the Moses Basket, and it has been a blast so far! I recently read in Radiant Magazine (an amazing digital & print publication about black – though mostly targeted towards African – female health) that black kids are TEN TIMES more likely to die from drowning that white children of similar age, which made me extremely grateful to have learned how to swim when I was growing up. I love being in the water and definitely want to introduce our kids to water early on – I even put swim diapers in two sizes on our baby registry!

Those are my updates for this week – feel free to share any special requests in the comments for what I should discuss next week!

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  1. I love your blog! I’ve been on a journey myself in regards to blogging/IG. How do you decide what to share and what not to share? Do you and your husband decide together? Do you have an editor or page designer? I have a tendency to over share at times but I have a story to tell.

    1. Great question! It really depends on my mood – I sometimes run things by Jonathan if I know it will impact him, but otherwise I post what I feel like and what’s on my heart. I have a blog post on the emotional toll of authenticity that might be worth a read – being so open definitely comes with its setbacks. And I don’t have an editor/page designer.

  2. I like that you aren’t doing the traditional baby nursery. I’m glad that you geared it toward African ancestry accessories so far. This just feels more us than them.❤

  3. Great updates…. I will be the first to bring my baby girl for swimming lessons too. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn how to swim as a child,. In 2018 I paid for swimming lessons that only got me comfortable in the pool….. the anxiety of drowning was too much. I will try some more after delivery.
    Best wishes

    1. You can try more now! The aquanatal class has been an amazing workout because it helps reduce some of the heaviness of the belly. The class I do is completely in the shallow end, so no need to know how to swim very well. It’s worth investigating!

  4. This is such an exciting time! Thank you for sharing with us. The Moses basket and elephant are just adorable. Can’t wait to see more nursery and home pics as you get more settled. Hope your pregnancy photo shoot goes well and you get all those special shots you’re looking for! Also, do you plan to share your registry? (You may have already and I missed it..)

    1. Thanks so much!!! So I thought about sharing the registry and may do so but first wanted to give my friends and family an opportunity to pour into Baby Kola’s life before I extend it to my internet homies!