Ijeoma Kola in green two-piece set

My Go-To Two-Piece Sets (And the Sets I Can’t Wait to Buy!)

Getting dressed these days is so hard. I shared on Instagram last week that I feel like I’ve lost my sense of personal style due to a combination of having a new postpartum body and not getting dressed as often as I used to. But you know what makes getting dressed — whether it’s to go for a lunch date with Jonathan, to sit at my computer all day, or a fun girls dinner and night out (dreaming of a post-COVID world) — a no-brainer? A two-piece set! Here are a few two-piece sets I have in heavy rotation, as well as the ones that are currently on my shopping list.

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Which of these two-piece sets is your favorite? Have you shopped any other fab matching sets that I can check out? Drop me a comment!

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  1. You are talking about losing your style. I don’t think so. I want 😫every outfit posted. A woman can dreamed.