To Veil or Not to Veil? Natural Hair Bride Box #5

My mom and I had a little scuffle (ok… a 2 minute conversation that ended with me just saying uh hunh, ok Mom) when we went to Jean Ralph Thurin to discuss my custom wedding dress. We didn’t argue about the budget or the potential risqueness (is that a word?) of the look I had in mind, but whether or not I should wear a veil. She basically told Jean Ralph that I needed a veil and I was like, nah I’m good. I can barely see to start with so I just can’t have random tulle in my way as I come down the aisle.

Well the October Natural Hair Bride box contained a pretty single layer veil with pearl details and a white trim, so I got to test out how I feel about veils!


In addition to the veil, the box also contained a stemless wine glass and makeup bag by Crafting Hands NY, who also does personalized makeup bags and other drinkware. I was happy to see a black female owned brand in this box as well – Laws of Nature Cosmetics included their paraben-free Foxy Finish Mineral Finishing Powder which is very similar to Sacha Cosmetics Banana Powder. For hair, the box also had Original Moxie’s Everyday Leave In and Just Gel which I used to do a twistout (tutorial coming soon).

October Natural Hair Bride Box

I decided to just rock my twistout with the veil because I do think there’s a perception about bridal hair needing to be an updo or curls. There are tons of gorgeous brides rocking their fro with their wedding dresses, like this one who broke the internet not too long ago.

Natural Hair Bridal Party

But do we see how she’s not wearing a veil! Just sayin.

33% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years so chances are, you may have a friend (or maybe it’s your season!) who is newly engaged. Gift them with the lovely Natural Hair Bride box!

To see how I used the October Natural Hair Bride box check out my video below:

Should I wear a veil on my wedding day?

Yes, it completes the look!
No, show off your hurr!

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  1. I think a veil is a must for every bride. I would opt for something white, to match the color of the dress. It would work best with an elegant updo. I am very eager to know what you decide. Although I’ve seen the votes, the decision is all yours so keep us posted!

  2. I didn’t see the updo vids but I think the twist out/afro look would work if you go for drama without the veil. The woman in the pics above with her bridesmaids looks so beautiful. If you do go for a veil, I would say stick to an updo with a bit of the drop curls you mentioned. That would look elegant.

  3. I am either or but mama knows best. I know it’s your day and whatever decision that you decide. You are going to be a knock out. Maybe you can do a little veil if they make them or not with your twistout. I believe that you will be happy and mom.?

  4. Cracking up with you about them lashes lol! The veil IS pretty but I think a beautiful comb accessory to wear on one side or a flower along with a rod set or twist out would look nice. Sometimes an updo does work better for certain dresses, though. But I know you’ll work it out. ?