Walking Into a New Season

Not to be cliche, but I feel like a brand new woman. I’m for real for real getting married (save the dates are going out soon!), I’m about to pass my oral exams this week in Jesus’ name, and I’ve exceeded my blog goals for the year. I’m more or less successfully adulting – except for the 45 minute toddler fit I had over the weekend when I saw a mouse in my apartment.

Walking Into a New Season

When Creme of Nature asked me what word was inspiring my new hair color choice, the first word I thought of was sophisticated. I’ve heard a few too many times this year that I could be mistaken for a teenager (cute but not when you have non-teenage responsibilities like rent), so I wanted my hair color to be more “adult”. Don’t get me wrong, blonde hair isn’t childish, but I wanted a color that was more subdued and refined. More elegant, classier even.

Klassy Kinks Creme of Nature Red Hot Burgundy and Honey Blonde

Klassy Kinks Creme of Nature Red Hot Burgundy and Honey Blonde

Yes, I know it’s really similar to my first drastic color change, but this look is less blonde and blends more seamlessly than anything I’ve had before. There’s just something about this hair color that solidifies this new season I’m walking into, and I’m so here for it. Once my exam is over I’ll be sharing more videos and posts from the whole color experience, so make sure you’re subscribed on YouTube as well as following me on Instagram.

Walking Into a New Season

What I’m Wearing: 

Boohoo Penelope Woven Split Back Longline Top | Loft Curvy High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans | Kate Spade Elsie Street Exotic Meriwether

Express Metal Hi Lo Necklace | Express Womens Caged Heel Sandal

Makeup: Tie Cooper

Photos: Dayna Bolden of Chic Naturalistas

Snake satchel and caged heel sandal

By the way, I’m currently obsessed with the black caged heel sandal. They are so sexy yet sophisticated! You can find them at lots of price points in various stores, but I’ve rounded up a few options for you below:

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  1. I have one word fabulous. Fabulous hair color, makeup and outfit,I pray that you ace your oral exam coming up. I can’t wait for you and BAE tie the knot.

  2. Ok, first, that second close up shot, you look like my mom. *shudders* crazy! But love this color mix. They did an awesome job. The sandals are gorge & I love a longline top for booty-covering purposes. 🙂