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Wardrobe Crush: Femme Blk

I know spring is coming and many people will soon start wearing neons, pastels, and floral prints, but I want to throw away all my clothes and wear only black, white, and denim for the rest of my life. There are people who have advocated for wearing all black before – citing the ease of getting dressed – but I’ve yet to see someone who looked like me (well, with melanin) wear practically only two colors and look so darn good. Folks, let me help you get acquainted with Femme Blk.

Wardrobe Crush: Femme Blk | KlassyKinks.com

I don’t remember how I discovered Femme Blk but as soon as I saw her feed, I was HOOKED. So simple, yet so elegant. Affordable pieces (lots of Zara and H&M), yet everything is luxe. Best of all? It appears she only needs 5 minutes to get dressed, because EVERYTHING MATCHES. Much better than my 20 minute scramble where I throw all my clothes on the floor and end up (accidentally) wearing the same thing I wore three days ago.

I’ve literally studied this woman’s feed and wardrobe and have realized there are 5 keys to building a black and white centered wardrobe that is clean, classic, and timeless:

Buy different shapes, fabrics, and silhouettes in the same color

I first wondered how many pairs of black pants one can own, but FemmeBlk has black leather pants, black jeans with ripped knees, black bell bottoms, black tailored pants, and on and one. She has tons of white bottoms too, as well as different black and white jackets and blazers. They all look different because they are all different.

Feel free to wear prints, but wear them in black and white

At first I thought the secret to FemmeBlk’s look was that she didn’t wear prints. I shortly realized that she does in fact wear prints, but by keeping them black and white, they don’t compete for attention with the rest of her outfit.

Accessories are life

When you think your outfit is too simple, wear the biggest and most obnoxious jewelry you can find. Immediately, your look becomes “chic”.

Denim is a neutral

Denim is so ubiquitous in modern fashion that it’s practically as monochromatic as black and white. Thank God because I just bought 4 pairs of the best fitting jeans of my life from LOFT a few months ago. She also wears red plaid frequently – to the extent that I think it’s a neutral in her book, so I will substitute leopard print for plaid because I LOVE leopard print.

Use one color to add depth and visual interest

When she does add color, FemmeBlk tends to use muted neutrals like blush or olive green. She does occasionally do a bright color but it doesn’t take away from the simple nature of the look.

PLUS… I think she may be African!

Wardrobe Crush: Femme Blk | KlassyKinks.com

I’m literally assuming that based off this one picture. My guess is she’s East African (maybe Ethiopian). And because all Africans know each other (baha!), we’re homies.

So there ya have it – for all you naysayers who might think that black and white is boring, FemmeBlk comes to slay. Repeatedly. If/when you see my outfits start to evolve into more monochromatic looks, you’ll know exactly where I got it from.

Here are some starter pieces to help you build a wardrobe like FemmeBlk:

TopShop Polly Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $90 (I just bought this!)H&M Beaded Clutch Bag, $35 | ASOS Leather Western Tip Waist and Hip Belt, $28Daniel White Leather Flaunter Sling Back Mule Sandal, $133Target Collar Necklace with Stones, $30Trouve Compact Vest, $98H&M Short Top, $25 | TopShop Glass Sheer Stripe Pleat Midi Skirt, $100 (my mom’s fave)ASOS Lisbon Skinny Mid Rise Jeans With Ripped Knees, $52ASTR High Slit Maxi Skirt, $56H&M Draped Blouse, $21 | LOFT Diamond Pointy Toe Flats, $50Vince Camuto Drape Front Blazer, $169 (wardrobe essential)| BaubleBarCrystal Grendel Bib, $68 | Phase 3 Chain Panama Hat, $23 |  Phase 3 ColorBlock Tote, $58 (what a good deal!) |  Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ Lace-Up Sandal, $120 (I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need these for weeks)| H&M Biker Jacket, $50

Are you a fan of black and white ensembles?

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  1. I found her awhile ago too, (probably from someone’s facebook post about awesome black women on IG) but she is fab! I don’t even have IG but have literally memorized her address to find her at least once a week to fuel my #blackgirlrevival. The fact that her posts are always pic and text are sosoothing as well. I’m seeing recently that she’s added nudey, peachy, beige to her wardrode. I miss the black and white 🙁

  2. I’ve always had a tendency to go for black and white clothes with a splash of grey. Since college I’ve tried to incorporate more colors but her instagram makes me want to abandon color and go back to the basics. I love her look!!

  3. I’m slowly transitioning my closet to black, neutral solids and patterns but black and white would be so much easier and more “chic”. Thanks for sharing this page!

  4. I truly have to say I love this mono black /white ensemble pieces. I never thought about wearing 2 colors all the time because I love bright bold colors. Got me thinking! ?