Warm and Rainy Day Essentials

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but I’ve had a very gloomy and wet couple of days thanks to incessant rain clouds and Jonathan being out of town. I’m curing my loneliness by meeting up with two different sets of friends today, so come rain or high waters, I’m leaving this house! If you’ve ever been annoyed that the temperature is fairly warm but it’s either raining or misty, so here’s a perfect warm and rainy day outfit for ya.

This look requires three things: denim shorts, white sneakers, and a trench coat. You probably already have all three in your closet amirite?

Warm and Rainy Day Essentials | Klassy KinksTrench Coat and Denim | Klassy KinksTrench Coat - Warm and Rainy Day Essentials | Klassy KinksGap Trench Coat | Klassy Kinks

Gap trench // Zara top // Target shorts // Converse all-stars // Michael Kors bag // PC: Taylor Carment

If you don’t have a trench coat, really darling, NOW is the time to get one. It is a timeless classic wardrobe essential, regardless of your personal style. I’ve had mine for forever – I actually think it’s one of the top 10 clothing items I’ve had for the longest time (at least four years). In case you’re on the prowl for a trench, I’ve rounded up 5 options for you:

classic // designer splurge // millennial pink! // longline back // minimalist green

So when it’s hot and rainy, throw on a comfy tee, some denim shorts, white sneaks and your trench, and head out the door with confidence! Oh, and you should probably carry an umbrella. Which I’m not, because I forgot to pack it with me on this shoot and it was in fact not raining. But I’ve got one with me today, just in case!

What is your go to rainy day outfit?

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  1. I see the 3 chosen items are perfect for a rainy day. I am use to my old faithful umbrella. Sometimes I grabbed the rain boots but I prefer to use the☔ and keep it moving.