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Wedding Update: Colors, Cake, Dress, and the Date

My blogging schedule is all out of whack since my fiance graduated from business school this weekend and I spent most of my days driving and entertaining both his and my family in California, but I’m taking a moment out of packing to share a quick wedding update! If you missed the (sort of) first one, make sure you check it out here. And here’s our engagement story!

After FOUR years of dating (and courting? what is life called once you’re engaged because dating doesn’t sound appropriate?) long distance across countries and continents, J is moving to New York! Ending our long distance was the first step in moving forward with wedding planning, so now that that’s done hopefully we can get the ball rolling to get this show on the road!

We have done some brainstorming here and there about the wedding, but no official plans have been made yet – especially the date – because we wanted to wait for the introduction, where both our families officially meet and his family receives permission from mine that we can actually move forward. Since we are from different countries and ethnic groups (he’s Luo from Kenya and I’m Igbo from Nigeria), it’s kind of cool that this ceremony exists in both cultures, though we are modifying things a bit to blend both cultures. The ceremony happens this weekend, so stay tuned for photos!

Now as for what we have already sorted out, here goes:

Wedding Colors: Black, White, and Gold

black white and gold wedding inspiration

L-R: Nate Broshot Photgraphy, Elizabeth Anne DesignsBastille Flowers and Events

Since I’m classy and all, and African clothing is VERY colorful (you tell some aunties to wear red and then you have people showing up in burgundy, magenta, and hot pink just to be different *rolls eyes*), we decided to do a classic color scheme with black, white, and gold. A lot of Pinterest (you’re following my wedding board right?) pics with that color scheme show stripes or sequins, but we want to use different African fabrics like lace, ankara, and kitenge to add texture and pattern to the decor.

Image: TheCakeTress.ca

The biggest disagreement we’ve had so far about the wedding is the cake flavor – J has his heart set on fruit cake, which I’ve never had but don’t think sounds exciting enough to serve at a wedding! It’s a Christmas time cake and we’re not planning a holiday season wedding so it doesn’t make sense. I will probably surprise him (trust me, he’s not gonna read this) with a groom’s cake so he can be happy, or perhaps do the top layer of the cake a fruit cake so we can enjoy it later.

The Dress

wedding dress inspiration lace low back sweetheart neckline cape

L-R: Zuhair Murad, Galia Lahav, Berta Bridal

So being a Nigerian bride, I’m going to wear numerous outfits, but for my main dress, the plan is to use a Nigerian designer to create a custom gown. The kind of looks I find myself drawn to are fitted mermaid cuts with sweetheart necklaces, lots of lace, low and detailed backs, and detachable trains/oveerlays. I’m considering going to a bridal salon soon just to try on a few different things and make sure I actually like on my body what my brain likes, so we shall see!

If you’re curious about J’s input on wedding planning, check out this video we recorded last week:

Feature Image: Kesha Lambert Photography

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  1. Girl, I’m over the moon right now! I didn’t know your fiance was Kenyan, leave alone Luo! Ask him to translate this for you, “Nyako, iyudo mwandu maduong’, mak gi lweti ariyo!” So happy for you!!!

  2. Is it weird that I want to say thank you for the updates? LOL
    I don’t like weddings in real life but online, in 2D, I’m all the way here for it!
    I look forward to seeing how you guys incorporate the African fabrics into the classic color theme!

  3. My husband loves fruit cake but I loath it and I’ve always hated wedding cakes for that. I had the most amazing baker make all the tiers in my cake a different flavour, his suggestion since I couldn’t decide. Hubby and his fam got their fruit cake and my family were wowed by the rest.

  4. This all looks amazing. The color scheme is super classy and elegant. I love it!

    As for the cake, I feel J on the fruit cake because we (I’m Barbadian and I think West Indians as a whole do this) serve black cake (same diff) at weddings. We had a family friend make the main pretty cake for show and for guests to eat at the reception. My aunt baked a black cake, for tradition’s sake, sliced it up and placed the slices in cute cake slice boxes for guests to take home. I like the idea of doing the top layer with fruit cake as well!

    1. I knew fruit cake/black cake was Caribbean so I was asking Jonathan is he was secretly Caribbean lol. I like the idea of having cake for take home too!

  5. Woop woop!! I’ve been following your blog since you came to Kenya for the natural hair event…love love love the color scheme you’ve chosen :)!!

    Maybe a little comment on the cake…
    Lol…in Kenya traditional wedding cake is decadent fruit cake with hints of liquor usually a rum or whisky…The tradition is that each parent gets one tier of the cake, one for your family, one for his. One tier is also saved for you the couple to eat on your first wedding anniversary, so traditionally fruit cake can keep for that long to tie in with the tradition.

    Just thought i’d give you a little insight into the weird *fruit wedding cake* tradition in Kenya

    Maybe you can do a mini 3 tiered cake for both your families and for you guys to compromise then have your separate wedding cake…

    1. Thanks for following for a while darling! And THANK YOU for explaining the cake tradition! I’m down for it if there’s a reason, so I won’t take it completely off the table. I like the idea of alternating flavors and saving some tiers for the families

  6. Woot woot to your introduction! Can’t wait to see photos.

    ON the cake, the top layer is traditionally frozen and kept for a year to eat on your first anniversary. The best flavor for that is fruit cake! I can’t believe you’ve never had fruit cake though. My hubby makes the best fruit cake my family has ever eaten, and we have some all year round – we just had some last week.

    Yesssssss to black, white and gold theme. Mine was black and white.

    Your wedding will be so pretty!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  7. I am so happy that you and BAE are in the same city. I’m so looking forward to the big beautiful wedding. It’s gonna be spectacular a day to remember.