Biden-Harris waving at inauguration alongside their spouses

What I’m Looking Forward to Under the Biden-Harris Administration

Today, thankfully, FINALLY, America has a new president. We have officially welcomed the Biden-Harris Administration!

It has been a LONG four years. I was definitely one of those people who shed real tears after Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss, but even still, I could not have predicted the colossal disaster that the 45th president has caused over the course of his time in office. So very much has happened that it’s actually been difficult to remember all of his transgressions.

Remember when he proudly separated children from their parents and locked them in cages? When over 20 women accused him of sexual harassment or misconduct? Remember when he called African countries shitholes or told WOC Congresswomen to go back to where they came from? Or when he refused to release his taxes and then we found out that he doesn’t pay any at all??

Remember when his people coined the term “alternative facts”? Or when he banned people from several Muslim countries for literally no reason other than racism and Islamophobia? Remember when he said that the coronavirus would go away and that we should try injecting ourselves with disinfectant? When he appointed a new supreme court judge with zero experience? Remember when he encouraged and allowed an attack on the US government for his own personal interests?

All I’m saying is that every single fear I had about American politics in 2016-2020 came true, and even worse. And though I appreciate the humbling effect that DJT has had on American hubris (because he legit was an African president), I am GLAD we are finally moving beyond that nightmare.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to over the next 4 years under the Biden-Harris Administration:

  • A nationally coordinated plan to address coronavirus and its economic impact
  • A president who doesn’t call people names like a 5th grader when he disagrees with them
  • Re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement
  • A president who doesn’t lie constantly
  • An administration where people are actually qualified for their jobs (and stay for longer than 6 weeks)
  • Logging onto Twitter without getting angry or annoyed
  • A Black-Indian/woman of color/daughter of immigrants vice president!!!
  • Hopefully, a serious investigation and dismantling of far-right extremist groups
  • Being able to once again proudly say that I grew up in America!

So, here we go! Let’s see what the next 4 Biden-Harris years have to offer. How are you feeling about this fresh new start?

Featured Image: Mike Segar / Reuters

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  1. I love that you do not mention 45th name in full on this post. I share the same expectations and also want to hear less of his name in the near future. I would like him to fade away in memory. It was tiring to hear his name everyday on the news.

  2. I’m in agreement with every word spoken. Let see what Biden will do to overturned the 💩we have dealt with the last 4 years.