What to Binge on Netflix for Summer 2019

Happy Memorial Day! I submitted my doctoral dissertation on Friday so I’ve spent a good chunk of the weekend plopped on the couch with my feet up!Whether you’re celebrating the end of the school year or the start of summer, here are some binge worthy shows & movies to watch on Netflix for summer 2019.

Dead to Me (1 season)

By far the #1 recommended show, and after getting halfway through the first season, I can see why! Dead to Me is immediately captivating – I dare you to watch the first episode and try NOT to be shooketh. Although a few people recommended binging it all in one go, I think it’s a show to watch 2-3 episodes at a time and come back to, to give you space to process everything that happens in between.

Grace and Frankie (5 seasons)

I forgot why I started watching Grace & Frankie, but I’ve fallen madly in love with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s friendship. As I think about my parents aging, it’s an interesting perspective on life as a senior citizen, depicted in a humorous but also meaningful way. Also fell off the couch when it was randomly revealed that the full name of Frankie’s adopted black son Bud was actually Mbudiwe.

Queer Eye (3 seasons)

Considering my Netflix sign in icon is Karamo, it’s clear that I’m a huge fan of the Fab 5. I actually love Tan the best – maybe because I like clothes a lot, I feel like they can really transform a person, and he does a pretty good job of finding what works for different shapes and styles. Karamo’s bomber jacket collection also gives me inspo for building Jonathan’s closet. All in all a very feel good show that is easy to put on while half paying attention.

Sense8 (2 seasons)

If you’re into sci-fi or just really fascinating dramas with a touch of suspense, then Sense8 is for you. There is A LOT of nudity and sex, so either steel yourself or cover your eyes or fast forward through scenes you gotta fast forward through. But the storyline is fascinating and the telling is expertly done. My favorite aspect of the show was that the characters lived in so many different places around the world (America, Germany, India, Kenya, South Korea, Iceland, Mexico); which apparently was its downfall, as it became too expensive to produce.

*Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2 seasons)

So this isn’t on Netflix but I had to mention it because it’s been one of my favorite shows! Absolutely love Midge’s character (and style!) and I’m fascinated by the lifestyles of “old money” New Yorkers.

Beyoncé’s Homecoming (documentary)

Listen, I promise I’m not even a Beyoncé stan but Homecoming GOT MY WHOLE LIFE. So black. So beautiful. So excellent. I’ve watched it twice. And played the album extensively while revising my dissertation. I may have even tried to learn some choreo, don’t judge me.

What Happened to Monday (film)

I’ve always been impressed with movies where actors play multiple characters, but Noomi Rapace plays seven identical twins pretending to be one person in a society that allows only one child and my goodness the acting is SO gripping I don’t understand how this didn’t win any awards!!

Other recommendations

I asked the IG homies for some Netflix recommendations and people came through!

What If: based on the trailer, Renee Zellweger’s character seemed quite captivating and I plan to watch it after finishing Dead to Me!

Call My Agent: I’d never heard of this show but several people recommended it, plus it has really high ratings on Google. Plenty of seasons to binge, and it’s French which will allow me to brush up on my high school French knowledge (with English subtitles of course!)

She’s Gotta Have It: I watched a few episodes of the first season and couldn’t get into it. The second season was recently released, so if you like the show, enjoy!

Someone Great: A movie about homegirls coming together, this is the kind of movie I like to watch without Jonathan, so I’ll probably check it out later this week!

See You Yesterday: Another Spike Lee joint about black kids who create a time traveling backpack. Not mad at the inclusion of black narratives in youth sci fi/fantasy (especially because a Wrinkle in Time sadly was pretty awful).

Pose: All I needed to know was that it stars Billy Porter and since he is everything I will be watching!

What are you currently watching on Netflix?!

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  1. Mrs. Maisel is my show!! I love her growth this season and her realization that she doesn’t need a man to be who she is. I would also suggest Good Girls, it has two seasons and my girls have apparently been obsessed with it for some time.

    1. I’ll check out Good Girls! And I was actually surprised when Midge left Ben to go to Paris but was then like YAS GIRL YOU DON’T NEED NOBODY!!

  2. Sounds like great shows to watch but I don’t watch TV to often. Another reason is that I have my overactive grandson TJ and I don’t have time to invest in a television series. Keeping my eyes on him is enough TV show for me. Enjoy your break after a long haul of dedicated work!