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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding Regardless of the Venue

Even though I’m done with weddings for the summer, you might have a few to attend so I’ve put together a guide for what to wear to a summer wedding! Weddings are joyous occasions, but the wrong outfit during a summertime wedding can leave you scowling through the whole ceremony. Here are my suggestions for different summer wedding guest looks, including details on what I’ve worn to weddings this summer.

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Daytime/Informal Wedding – Cocktail Attire
klassy kinks form fitting dress summer wedding
Ignore the fact that I wore this to a beach wedding, it would have been much more appropriate for a cocktail wedding!

If you want to take advantage of your summer glow, wear a bold and bright colored form fitting dress. Warmer skin tones look great in yellows and oranges, while cooler skin tones pop in jewel tones, like royal blue or magenta. If you’re in the middle like me, kudos, pick a color, any color!


Beach Wedding – Beach Chic Attire
Cynthia Rowley Pastel Petal Branch Gown rent the runway
This is what I wanted to wear to the Hawaiian beach wedding, but it wasn’t available!

Dress: Cynthia Rowley

Florals are more than appropriate for beach weddings, so incorporate them in breezy maxi dresses and playful coordinating sets. You can even find rompers and playsuits that work for beach weddings, just make sure they aren’t too short or you’ll be uncomfortable getting low on the dance floor!


Formal Wedding – Black Tie Attire

purple dress-cutouts-mignon-rent the runway | KlassyKinks.com

Dress: Mignon [more outfit details in this post]

Summertime black tie weddings are probably the toughest to dress for, because formal ball gowns can be stuffy and hot. Opt for long dresses with tasteful cutouts, pastel colors, and geometric patterns. If you want to really stand out, choose a formal jumpsuit in a rich tone.


Cultural Wedding – Bright Attire

Monique L'Huillier teal sunshine day gown high low

Dress: Monique L’Huillier

If you’re attending a Nigerian, Indian, or other cultural wedding, the very last thing you want to do is wear an LBD. Cultural weddings tend to be very colorful, so stand out with a brightly colored dress! Better yet, join the rest of the crowd and wear cultural attire – you can borrow one from a friend, or try Etsy for a one-of-a-kind piece.


Which outfit would you wear to a summer wedding?

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  1. I’ll be attending a couple weddings soon, so this is very helpful! Also, I’ve always wanted to try Rent the Runway, so maybe I’ll check them out. By the way, the purple gown is stunning!

  2. Every choice that you made I love them. For each occasion, I chose the perfect outfit. I’m a fan of maxi dresses but will wear a short dress. The first choice dress for the beach wedding was nice sorry that it was not available for you. On formal gown, I have to have a cut out or backless dress like you said to be comfortable and cool. I can definitely get down with a jumpsuit any day because I love jumpsuit. My family use to get on me about wearing them so much but I like being comfortable. Great choices!