Why Coil Outs are the Most Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyle

Why Coil Outs are the Most Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyle

So I finally figured out the natural hairstyle that you can do on kinky textured hair that requires NO retwisting, no special nighttime attention, and minimal remoisturizing! You know what that means… low manipulation = less breakage! Even though finger coils and coil outs aren’t technically a protective style because your ends are exposed, it is protective in that it’s incredibly low maintenance, requires no additional manipulation after the first day, and lets you get up and go! Keep reading to find out how I achieved my finger coils and coil out using products by Original Moxie.

How I Did My Coil Out
  1. Wash Hair: pre-poo, cleanse, and condition hair
  2. Moisturize: section hair; add liquid leave in condition to soaking wet hair (rewet if necessary), and thoroughly detangle
  3. Coil: take even smaller sections (1/2 inch), add gel/holding product to smaller sections and coil tightly around fingers until coil is taught and does not unravel
  4. Takedown: allow to dry overnight (or for 1 – 1.5 hours under hooded dryer); slowly unravel coils with oiled fingers and separate
Low Maintenance Coil Out

To maintain my coil out, every night, I would simply put my bonnet over my hair and go to sleep. In the mornings, I would perhaps spray some Twist Mist on my hair and then use my fingers to separate and fluff. That’s it! And two weeks later, my hair was still super cute!

Some people commented on YouTube that their hair tangled either while doing the coils or when taking them down. It’s important to make sure your hair is really wet when styling, and that you allow it to dry completely. When it’s time to wash your hair again, definitely go in with your fingers and oil first to finger detangle, and deep condition with heat or steam to help further loosen up tangles.

Now that I’ve used the Original Moxie products for some time, I’ll be following up with a review so stay tuned!

Have you tried doing finger coils or a coil out? Did you find it to be a low maintenance hairstyle?

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  1. Your hair looks great! Did you spray or wet your hair in the morning? I find that my hair sticks to my scalp and that I need to get it wet each morning.

    1. They definitely look better with time. I sprayed them with oils every few days to keep the moisture sealed and hydrated, which prevented any matting