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Why Don’t Naturals Go To The Salon Anymore? (Poll)

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Between this week and last week, there have been super interesting discussions on why naturals don’t go to salons anymore, and why stylists feel naturals don’t understand pricing structure here on the blog. While Judith’s original post mentioned cost as just one of the reasons naturals no longer go to the salon, it seemed to jump right out at the forefront as the main issue – especially for stylists. But is this really the problem? What keeps you from going to the hair salon as a natural compared to how often you went if/when you had a relaxer or were routinely pressing your hair? Take the poll and leave your comments below:

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  1. I have never been a great fan of stylists because I think it is very pricey and they don’t respect your wishes…The only time I was satisfied when I was locsed and I had found a very compétent stylist to maintain and style them in Lagos, Nigeria. Everything was good: nice price, good treatment and care, nice hairstyler listening to my wishes and original well-done styles.

      1. I am not Nigerian and this was 4 years ago so I forgot the names but I remember the salon is on Adela Odeku street on VI. Not far from the Glo Towers on the other side of the road, there is a very small mall. At the time, groundfloor was either a Mr Biggs or a Tantalizers and the 1st floor were 2 or 3 clothes/shoes shops and a salon. The hairstyler who used to take care of me was from Benin but raised in Nigeria.

        I hope I helped