3 Good Reasons Why You Should Get a PhD

Although I’ve previously shared some really bad reasons to get a PhD, doctoral degrees are incredibly valuable. Whether you’re starting a doctoral program or are considering applying this cycle, here are three good reasons why you should get a PhD.

To Contribute New Knowledge

The main difference between a doctoral degree and a masters degree is that in a doctoral degree program, you conduct original research and contribute to the literature in your field. If you have a unique perspective on a topic, problem, or theory in your field, then a doctoral degree gives you the ability to explore, write, present, and publish your work. Although general curiosity about a research topic isn’t a good enough reason to pursue a PhD, the desire to contribute new knowledge is a great reason to get a PhD.

To Become an Expert in Your Field

The desire for prestige is not a good enough reason to pursue a PhD —regardless of what your family says — but if you have been working in your field and want to be recognized as an expert, a PhD can convey that authority and expertise. Because doctoral degrees require people to have a breadth of specialized knowledge in order to discover gaps in the literature for their own research, completing a doctoral degree will definitely make you an expert in your field.

To Diversify Your Job Options

Although a PhD won’t necessarily exponentially increase your earnings (compared to an MBA, JD, or MD), a PhD allows you to work in almost any capacity. Want to teach in a university? You can do so with a PhD. Want to do specialized industry research? A PhD can get you there. Want to be a top level consultant for a government agency or NGO? Some consulting jobs actually require PhDs! Want to be an entrepreneur? Hi, it’s me – I’m doing it with a PhD! Although most people think about PhDs as degrees to prepare you for academia, there are so many job opportunities that are possible for PhD degree holders.

Are you thinking of applying to PhD programs? If you’re a Black woman, feel free to join us in Cohort Sistas where we share advice and resources for prospective, current, and post doctoral scholars.

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  1. PhD broadens your intellectual capacity. I am currently a PhD student and I can tell you that the knowledge obtained at that level is great. Among other benefits, it equips you to contribute immensely to knowledge.

  2. This is what a PHD should do for you, but in Nigeria, it doesn’t follow ooo.l know of PhD holders that are roaming the streets of Lagos.How many of our leaders have even first degree???

    1. It depends on the area of PhD speciality seen a PhD holder gallivanting the street also depends on individual , have you sight any PhD holder in any science , engineering or medical dicipline looking for job , not to talk of roaming the street before ?

  3. Yes to all of these reasons! No matter how I try to avoid it, a PhD seems to be the way to go. *Runs to check Cohort Sistas*