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Workout Motivation Tips – Advice You Guys Gave Me!

I’ve gotta admit, all the “lose the baby weight” energy I had in 2020 completely vanished after the holiday season, and it’s been incredibly hard for me to find the motivation to move my body and prioritize fitness in my daily routine. All the hullabaloo last year about gaining weight during quarantine that didn’t affect me because I was still losing postpartum weight… yeah, I’m right there with y’all now! My brother’s wedding is fast approaching and I want to look good in my bridesmaid’s dress and all the photos (though I know it’s not about me LOL), so I’ve got to get myself together quickly. I’ve already gotten more serious (again) about tracking my meals in WW, but I cannot for the life of me find the motivation to exercise! I asked IG for some workout motivation advice and people came all the way through with so many amazing suggestions, I rounded many of them up here in case you need some workout motivation as well!

Hire a Trainer

  • “TRAINER!!!!!!!!” @hayet.rida
  • “I hired a trainer to push my limits. I have a new baby and limited time, so need to maximize my workouts.” @everydaystylemuse
  • “Get a trainer. That’s the only way I’ve been able to work out.” @vasiqo
  • “I highly recommend Future (a personal trainer, but virtual with an actual person).” @julesajose
  • “I had to hire a trainer to train me over Zoom. It’s the only way to I’ve been able to stay consistent.” @zr._king

Do it Early in the Morning

  • “I change into my workout clothes early in the AM!!” @krystal_gem
  • “It’s gotta be a right after I wake up and engage in anything else kind of thing.” @laurenkentbrown
  • “You have to be disciplined to show up for yourself every morning, like you show up for work.” @adachioma_
  • “I do it early in the morning, and thinking about how good I feel after helps.” @xoxtrecixox
  • “I work out at 5:30 in the morning to avoid excuses or distractions during the day. I just wake up!” @lilykemmy

Start Small (or Don’t Overthink It)

  • “Take a walk. Play. Just dance when a song comes on. Focus on movement you enjoy and consider cumulative movement throughout the day as well.” @toyachronicles
  • “Start with something you love, even if it’s just walking, or squats, or dance. It doesn’t have to be intense.” @onomebaz
  • “Pilates for 20 minutes (best!) and walking. I feel so strong and good afterwards and it becomes hard to skip a session.” @watsonjenn
  • “I’ve got a workout that can be done while lying in bed – leg raises, planks, sit ups, crunches.” @keirungi_kabasigi
  • “I love walking while listening to podcasts.” @boyani_m

Try a New Kind of Workout – Dance Sis!

  • “You have to find something you like that doesn’t feel like a chore or working out.” @juanita_esq
  • “Are you into step? Like what they did in the 80s & 90s? Check out xtremehiphop fitness on IG” @janjan_o
  • “Dance workouts on YouTube really help!” @thekinkandi
  • “I started by putting on some of my favorite dance songs and dancing like a mad lady, and my body loved it!” @theamyjohnsonsd
  • “Dance to Afrobeats!” @sarah.jeanpaul

Get an Accountability Partner

  • “Have a gym partner (mine is my husband).” @loveshawnee
  • “Go to the gym. Being around people helped more than I thought while struggling at home.” @anitasfire
  • “Running, biking, and swimming with my boyfriend! It complements wine dates. Balance!” @vopey
  • “Schedule a time to work out and ask your hubby to keep you accountable by asking you about it during the day.” @spic3nice3
  • “I started feeling motivated to exercise when I exercised with other people.” @simphiwek

Trick Your Mind

  • “Buy cute leggings and sports bras. Exercise provides the excuse to wear them 😉” @herinaayot
  • “Tik Tok time = power walking time” @stephanienyairo
  • “I pick an errand that’s walkable, but far away.” @christinep0rter
  • “I’ve convinced myself to call it intentional movement rather than exercise, and it’s helped.” @williamstanding
  • “Just put on some music and dance!” @kiitexkoiki

Remember Your Motivation

  • “I love how it helps fight depression.” @christiansismone
  • “It’s part of my mental health regimen!” @omodolapo_falade
  • “No but for real… put the dress on today. That will motivate you!” @blackgirls_eat
  • “Think about how cute you want to look!” @jessica.u.emmanuel
  • “I live by the knowledge that I will either suffer the pain now during the exercise, or the pain of later regret.” @1nke

Turn to the Internet

  • “Follow lots of body diverse IG fitness accounts that post workouts” @jvnrashelle
  • “Dance workout videos on YouTube have really helped!” @thekinkandi
  • “HIP HOP FIT ON YT!!! The only reason I work out anymore.” @keirynow
  • “Find a tribe that posts their workouts and tag them, so they can tag you too.” @d2dphotos
  • “Chloe Ting Program on YouTube. Just follow along. No thinking or motivation required.” @sheriblades

Turn to the Lord

  • “I lay out workout clothes and associate a bible verse to motivate myself. It’s a lifestyle!” @aggyoluwa
  • “Just pray. That’s all we’ve got at this point! 🤣” @blackgirls_eat
  • “Girl, only God lol!” @sabrinajpoetry

These are just some of the many workout motivation tips that y’all so generously shared – thanks! I’ll definitely be taking up several of these tips – how about you? If you have any additional workout motivation advice, drop them in the comments!

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  1. I am on team “just do it in the morning” and not to “overthink it”. It’s the first thing on my to do list every single day even before I study the Bible. Crossing that one thing off is an amazing high to start the day with. But also I don’t subscribe to rigorous workout routines that live you almost dead. I don’t even do gyms. I walk (at home)–there is literally “walk at home” videos on Youtube–or I jog. Once in a while I do simple ab workouts. So knowing it’s just about moving my body and taking care of my heart helps a ton.

  2. Great ideas! I like the last one turn to the Lord. I truly love that one. Getting a trainer is good to, I had one once before and they are good. Walking everyday uses to be my thing and I enjoyed it. Buying sexy workout clothes maybe some enthusiasm but I need to drop a serious 30 pounds 🤣🤣🤣.