You Should Visit the Guggenheim Now

Last week, Uber invited me to visit the Guggenheim museum in New York City for a rare ‘Instant Opportunity’. As part of their commitment to supporting women in the arts, Uber partnered with the Guggenheim to offer free tickets to see rarely before seen works by Swedish artist Hilma af Klint.

Uber x Guggenheim x Ijeoma Kola
Uber to the Guggenheim

Hilma af Klint was an artist ahead of her time. She was one of the first women to attend art school in Sweden, but still had trouble finding success in the art world. At a time when most of her peers were painting landscapes, she began painting abstract art inspired by spirituality and fellowship with other women. She kept a lot of her work secret, wanting it only to be exhibited 20 years after her passing. Now that we know her work exists, it appears that she was creating abstract art decades before the men who are  generally thought to have pioneered the art form.

Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim Hima af Klint at the Guggenheim

Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim
Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

Through this innovative immersive experience with Uber, I was shocked to find out that only 5% of all the art in museums in the US and Europe are produced by women, so the Guggenheim’s choice to exhibit Hilma af Klint’s work in most of the space is uncommon. If you’re in the NYC area or planning a trip soon, the Hilma af Klint exhibit is up at the Guggenheim until April 2019, and I encourage you to use Uber to help get to the exhibit for yourself! If you’re not in NYC, try to find a museum near you that is showcasing work by female artists and support! Let’s rethink the ratio of female representation in the art world by supporting the few women showcased in museums today and calling for more representation.

You Should Visit the Guggenheim Now | Ijeoma Kola

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